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202 Andros Road

This residential home in Key Largo exudes a captivating architectural design, seamlessly blending elegance with a laid-back coastal charm. Nestled amidst the tranquil surroundings, the residence boasts an open concept layout, where spacious living areas seamlessly merge with the scenic outdoors.


Nestled on Indian Mound Street in Tavernier, Florida, this residential home showcases a captivating architectural design that harmoniously blends elegance, functionality, and a touch of tropical charm. The residence features dedicated rooms for kids, thoughtfully designed to inspire creativity and provide a playful haven for little ones.

133 Indian Mound
141 Indian Mound

This residential home in Tavernier, Florida, located in the charming Key Largo area, showcases a captivating architectural style that perfectly captures the essence of coastal living. This exquisite dwelling seamlessly blends contemporary design elements with a touch of tropical allure.


This beachy home with a pool in the backyard epitomizes coastal living with its breezy design, large windows to embrace natural light, and a refreshing pool area that seamlessly extends the indoor-outdoor experience.

Pueblo Street Residence
Indian Mound

This coastal home in the florida keys embraces its charming blend of beach-inspired design elements, including a light and airy color palette, expansive windows to capture stunning views, and a spacious deck that invites residents to enjoy the coastal lifestyle.


This modern home in Marathon, Florida showcases sleek lines, contemporary design, and a seamless integration with the coastal landscape. Situated in this idyllic tropical setting, the residence embraces an open and airy concept that maximizes natural light and captures the stunning views of the surrounding environment.

Sombrero Beach Road Residence
Lower Matecumbe

This traditional home in Lower Matecumbe, Florida, exudes charm with its classic architectural elements, including a pitched roof, white exterior, and inviting porch, offering a warm and timeless appeal in this coastal community.


This keys-style home captures the essence of tropical living with its vibrant colors, elevated design to withstand flooding, and a breezy open layout that seamlessly integrates indoor and outdoor spaces.

Gimpy Gulch
Baptist Church

The Key Largo Baptist Church located in the Florida Keys is a charming architectural gem that beautifully blends traditional design elements with a coastal aesthetic. Nestled amidst the idyllic tropical surroundings, this place of worship exudes a sense of tranquility and spiritual serenity.

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DGO Architecture is dedicated to creating innovative and sustainable architectural solutions that enhance the built environment. Our mission is to design spaces that inspire, empower, and positively impact individuals, communities, and the world around us.

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